21.05.15 Santé

Another equipped Pantai Hospital in Malaysia

ESII video screen for Pantai Hospital
Pantai Hospital Klang has been well known for the past 33 years as a quality and affordable healthcare service provider in Malaysia. It has just installed the eSirius™ solution in its outpatient department. It is the 2nd Pantai Hospital that has installed the advanced patient flow management software.
When the patients arrive at the hospital, they check-in on the DISEO™ self-service touch screen dispenser which provides them with a queuing ticket. 
In the waiting area, a video screen broadcasts their call number as well as communication. Patients can also book an appointment at the Registration counter thanks to the eSirius™ planning and appointment modules.
With this solution, waiting conditions are improved, patients are more relaxed and the management of the staff is optimized.
ESII’s solutions were deployed via its Malaysian partner, Emetix.
DISEO ESII Pantai Hospital

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